Bobby is my hobby and I’m giving it up

Fun fact that explains a lot about me: I taught myself to read at age 4 by reading Jonah in the King James Bible.

Reminder that Wozzeck is THE BEST THING

5 days.

6 days.

Right now on grindr, there are 12 separate guys whose display name is “Discreet” and one whose name is “Lord GaGa” in case anyone was wondering why I’m single.


Isabel Leonard as Dorabella, Cosi Fan Tutte. (Claus Guth,Salzburg, 2009. [x]

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Cranberries - Linger

This is night #2 I’ve meant to do laundry, but wound up laying on the couch, staring at all my clothes in a pile in the floor.

One week!!!!